Venture period 1985 to 1989


                    In 1985, six youngsters of Matang Village, Xiamen, including Chen Qingshui and Chen Qingyuan, capitalized on China's reform and opening-up policy, seized the opportunity in the development of times and raised 30,000 Yuan and founded Xinghua Canned Food Factory in Xinxu of Tong'an County, the first village-level enterprise in Tong'an County then. Cherishing the dedication, diligence and self-reliance of Fujian people, the founders managed to develop the company and constructed a standard general workshop of canned foods in 1988. Meanwhile, the company took the lead in reversing the difficult operational conditions of the national canned food industry.

                    Xinghua Canned Food Factory in Xingxu in the 1980s




                    Fast-growing period 1990 to 1999


                    In 1990, Yinlu acquired an investment of USD 200,000 from Mr. Huang Fuhua, a patriotic overseas Chinese, and founded Xiamen Tongmao Canned Food Co., Ltd. Our production capacity and our domestic and overseas sales channels were rapidly expanded. In this period, China's economy grew rapidly and people's consuming powers also improved continuously. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Yinlu developed and introduced a series of flagship products. In 1992, our Eight-treasure Porridge was successfully tested-produced and launched into the market and became popular among the consumers; from 1993 to 1996, our Yinlu beverage series were launched into the market; in 1998, our Yinlu carbonated beverages and protein beverages were launched into the market. We also gradually established a scientific and effectively authorized modern corporate management system on the basis of our core concept of "credible, creative, practical and efficient". Our business started to develop on a normal track.

                    Yinlu's production workshops
                    in the early 1990s
                    Yinlu certified as a national
                    civilized entity in 1999
                    Xiamen Tongmao Canned Foods Co.,
                    Ltd founded in the 1990s
                    Group development period 2000 to 2009
                    New Look of Matang Village
                    Yinlu Science and Technology


                    China's economy continued its fast development and entered the stage of commercialization, diversification and globalization. We managed to satisfy corporate and social needs, integrate diversified resources and realize continuous growth during this period. We further attracted Taiwanese funds and established the joint venture of Xiamen Yinlu Foods Co., Ltd, including the world's most advanced eight-treasure porridge production workshop with a capacity of 800 bottles/min and 1,000 bottles/min and the world's most advanced PET beverage bottling line (the first in China). We also developed and constructed the Phase II and Phase III projects of Yinlu Hi-tech Zone and promoted the intensive and brand-based management of our product sales work, thus launching our business onto a fast development track. In this period, we incorporated Xiamen Yinlu Group and Xiamen Yinlu Food Group and established our production bases in Shandong and Hubei. In 2000, we further established the three major development strategies of "talent, technology and brand". In 2002, Yinlu Group was certified by 8 ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC, as a "key national leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture". In 2003, Yinlu Peanut Milk and Milk Peanut were certified by AQSIQ as "Famous Chinese Brand". In 2004, Yinlu was certified as a "Famous Chinese Trademark" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

                    Internationalization period From 2010 on


                    While promoting the three strategies of "talent, technology and brand", the Group further promoted to implement the "133 Program" which focused on company management and organization management, facilitated resource integration, improved the management level of modern enterprise and aimed to realize the goal of "cozy Yinlu, responsible Yinlu and harmonious Yinlu". We also established the grand development plan to quadruple our production value and sale of 2010 during the "twelfth five-year period".


                    At this stage, China became the second largest economy of the world with the substantial growth of its GDP. Considering the fierce competition in the domestic and global market, Yinlu realized that relying on our resources alone was far from enough to enhance our competitiveness. For that reason, Yinlu decided to attract investments and thus established win-win partnerships with Nestlé, one of the Top 50 global enterprises and the global leading food and beverage manufacturer, to jointly explore the greater China market and even the international market. In August 2011, our joint venture with Nestlé was approved by the Ministry of Commerce. In November 2011, the joint venture titled "Egret of China, Nestle of the World" was formally launched, signifying Yinlu's formal entry into the international market.

                    Headquarters of Yinlu International Operation Center
                    Xiamen Yinlu Hi-tech Park


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